Manjushree institute of nursing science

The BHOLARAM EDUCATION SOCIETY or BES was established in 2003 by the renowned industrialist, Shri Ramesh Goenka. This beginning was made to cater to a social and a national need- that of imparting quality education to the populace. It is the belief in this philosophy that set the foundation of the Delhi Public School (a part of the BES) at Gandhinagar in 2004 which was inaugurated by the honourable Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Bhai Modi, then Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Having taken this leap in the field of education, today the BES society has to its credit, 14 years of successful operations in the name of DPS Gandhinagar. Today DPS Gandhinagar boasts of more than 3200 students who have achieved major milestones in the field of education. This education society does not merely cater to nurturing the academic, moral and ethical dimensions of a child’s personality, but takes things and edge further by providing to the learner’s, an environment to experience competition. This prepares them for the real world outside. Several awards instituted by the society, ensure that the students foster a positive perspective towards competition and equip themselves to face the competition that awaits them

The group has since been establishing new standards in education, which are now being appreciated by students, parents and educators worldwide. Having thus cemented its footing in the field of education, BES embarked on another ambitious venture - that of imparting education in the field of dental sciences and Goenka Research Institute of Dental Science or GRIDS along with 100 Bedded Multi-speciality Hospital was conceived in the year 2010. With this new venture, BES aspired to embrace the needs of aspiring dentists and assist them in fulfilling their need for fine dental education. It aims for a perfect synthesis of: ancient and modern; Indian and international; traditional and innovatory. GRIDS meets the highest educational expectations in the rapidly growing community of dentistry. With this institution of GRIDS, BES offers to its student’s, opportunities for vocational education and professional development and echo the standards of achievement, quality and consistency laid down by its first venture-DPS Gandhinagar.

Ayurveda is slowly and gradually gaining its ground internationally. It is getting acceptance on international level as a system of medicine. Considering the opportunities in the field of ayurveda and increasing number of Aspirants, idea of MRIAS was devised. MRIAS was started with a vision to provide one of a kind infrastructure to help students understand the deepest of the aspects of ayurveda including theory and practical knowledge.


The BES is committed to shaping and creating assured Human Resources as fit for the global community of the 21st century. The efforts of all our dedicated working personnel are committed to extracting the utmost potential from all individuals under our care and using their knowledge and talent in a manner that can bring about not only self dependence and employment but also a positive contribution to the society. As a dedicated educational society, our mission therefore encompasses the following:

  • To provide students with the highest quality of learning experiences that will produce global citizens and leaders as change agents for shaping the future
  • To ensure development of each member: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical
  • To establish values that will allow him/her to act with thoughtfulness and humanity
  • To use innovative techniques to enhance lifelong learning through technology and varied instructional strategies
  • To assist our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society


The BES is proof of a vision linked irrevocably to national goals. Born in a time when education was deemed service, it set about bringing social and economic change through the proactive personal development of every child that came into its fold. The vision of Shri Ramesh Goenka (Founder) is growing from a single school into yet another prestigious institute imparting education at diverse levels.

It does so through a highly motivated faculty, a learning environment powered with the latest technologies, a spirit of innovation that sees it reach for the highest standards of accreditation in its field, and an approach that recognizes that the sharing of knowledge remains the finest manifestation of a unified world. There are some critical components in the vision of BES. These are:

  • Educational Excellence evidenced by outstanding educational experiences, national and regional recognition of selected programs, faculty who excel in their disciplines, superior staff support, and an increasingly capable student body
  • A Safe, Supportive Communitycommitted to enhancing learning through close contacts between students and faculty, and through dedicated staff who help provide a vibrant campus life.
  • A Region-Wide Learning Community that Engages and Inspires Traditional and Non-Traditional Students to become educated persons with global and multicultural perspectives and advanced technological knowledge.
  • Broaden the opportunities for studentsto interact with citizens of the nation, recognizing that globalization in its true essence.