Manjushree institute of nursing science


We realize that education is a fundamental requirement for the complete development of individuals. As a premier dental institute, we endeavor to harness this inherent potential through meeting the burgeoning needs of dental education and care. As we grow, we aspire to, thus not only continue our pursuit of dental knowledge, but simultaneously cater to the mission that we have structured bearing in mind the ever-increasing need of students and patients at large. Our mission therefore stands as:


GRIDS is an institution of higher learning, the purpose of which is to preserve and optimize dental education and health in the city of Gujarat and beyond. We as an institution are committed to the fulfillment of these beacons that set the vision for tomorrow. Partnering with the students to enable them to upgrade their skill to the international level in the field of oral health care. Developing our learners’ into exemplary dental surgeons, educators and researchers with the highest levels of expertise. Developing state of art learning with the highest standard to attain effective research skills and to stay abreast with the latest dental research and technology. Inculcating moral and ethical values so as they can contribute towards the society at large. Providing educational programs that foster professionalism, critical thinking and life-long learning that cross borders of university, city and country. Develop faculty skills in contemporary teaching methodologies, research techniques and newer clinical technologies. Providing quality care in an environment that is sensitive to the needs of every patient

Dental Education:

To provide dental education par excellence. Support and enhance effective teaching to instill clinical skills which are need based both nationally and internationally. Enhance and promote practice based learning oriented towards career placement. Provide effective professional graduate programs and support for graduate students. To advance knowledge through research.

Dental Care:

Excellence in patient care, community and professional dental services. Collaboration within and across disciplines and with the general community. Enhance and promote practice based learning oriented towards career placement. Enhance capacity for patient care and professional dental services. To serve the profession, the University, the community and Commonwealth, and the national/international community. Provide patient care environments which are responsive to the public.